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Alright I almost don't want to

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but let's talk about the PWR BTTM news.

Like every other situation like this and for good reason, I'm having a hard time following exactly what is going on. I was planning on seeing them play next month and have been jamming their album non stop these last couple weeks, but now I don't know what to do.

Can't remember if PWR BTTM is legit or another FRNTRNNR.   I'm also too lazy to google it so I'll await your confirmation.


Alright, ALOT has happened since I first posted this.

Instead of it being very vague and confusing. It is now very serious and sad.

They were one of my favorite bands at this time last week. Such a sad thing to have happen again and again, but especially this time with it being who I thought were a trans/queer empowerment band.

Kudos to the majority of people associated with the band (minus the main two members) for how they have handled it though.

looks like everyone involved who is not ben and liv handled it with poise and grace. they were never my cup of tea but it goes to show ya shitheads are everywhere and present themselves in many-a-way


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