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Words and phrases I'm sick of hearing

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During the past year I have watched a lot of people do news and opinion online. There's a lot of diversity in what I watch but there are certain words and phrases that I began hearing a little over a year ago and I'm just tired of hearing them. Please feel free to add the ones that you are sick of hearing.

The number 1 word on my list is "cuck". The other ones are in no particular order but I had to single "cuck" out because it is defitely the word I'm most sick of hearing/reading.

Social justice warrior or SJW, regressive, marketplace of ideas, classical liberal (as a code word for libertarian), snowflake, woke

Here are a few  bonus acronyms/abbreviations: MGTOW, MRA, AnCap

I'm sure there are more that I can't think of right now.

"feeling the bern"

much more that I cant think of at the moment

Drain the swamp, fake news, MAGA/make America great again, virtue signaling

Yes to "woke"

cash me ousside how bout dat


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